'Misty' (at The Studio)

Happy Orang-utan day people. Celebrate by taking a closer look at the products you buy. Illegal Palm oil logging will cause these guys and other animals to become instinct if we don’t do something about it. Non certified palm oil is used in almost every product sometimes hidden under other names. And the companies you trust and use everyday are continuing to do so because of loose laws and our ignorance. Get the free Palm Oil Scanner app… Being released in September. Or follow PALM OIL on Facebook for product comparisons daily. #rantover #savetheorangutang #stickittotheman

'Skull-in' 70x50cm. I'm up for adoption to a good home… Email jaimee.paul@hotmail.com for all serious enquires. #art #artforsale #skull #acrylic on #linen #canvas #painting #skullart (at The Studio)

When It rains it pours…Feeling truly blessed this week with so many great things happening. Illustration work with @thedrawingarm and the lovely @courtneybrims. Amazed that my first adults art class at #artandco has almost filled up in 24 hours! A major Uni assignment all handed in. And to top it all off, I get to fly to my boy @shanehaymetbutcher tomorrow! Who needs sleep anyway! Lame post over. (at The Studio)

Just a few of the works from my talented kiddies at #artandco this week! Love workshop days when @carlycasey comes to play! We did beaches in oil paints. #artclasses #warriewood #sydney #northernbeaches #art #oilpainting #beach #sea #landscape (at Art&Co Studio )

Very excited to announce that we at Art&Co are opening our doors to big the kids! Classes start next Wednesday the 20th of August from 7-9pm. Hosted by myself every week and occasionally @carlycasey for guided lessons at our studio in Warriowood on #Sydney’s #nothernbeaches. So if your interested in getting though hump day with a bit of fun or want to get those creative juice flowing again get in touch: carlylouisecasey@gmail.com for more info. Limited spots available! #getyourcreativemojoback #artclasses #artandco #learntodraw #learntodraw (at Art&Co Studio )

'Rug up' @ cofa campus Paddington. Open all week & till late tomorrow if you wanna see some real life big rugs and made in India. Congrats @madeleine92 @millywilson_ @b__l__a__k__e etc. They look amazeballs! #stokethefurrywall

This is my mum… She’s a bit special. People tell us we are the same. I don’t believe them. #familythatpainttogethergetabitweird (at The Studio)

What my weekend just turned into. Thanks @thedrawingarm 🍞 regram @littlegatherer (at The Studio)

'Cougar street stand off' See more prints at my shop www.jaimeepaul.com.au (at The Studio)

Feathers (at The Studio)

Bear in his blanket has left the nest. Enjoy @sberney .
For commissions or sales check out my shop www.jaimeepaul.com.au (at The Studio)

My stairway gallery. Art by @alimcmeeken @carlycasey @anyapaintface and my own few babies (at The Studio)

On the plane to New Zealand you go. The legend @alyceparsnipz will look after you. 💀💀💀 Love the P’s thanks for the pies #friendsarethebestsupporters #art #skull #experiment #blackandwhite (at The P’s )

Bear in his blanket is waiting for you @sberney #petportrait #commission #art #drawing #charcoal (at The Studio)